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Education and Outreach.

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Education is central to our mission. We wish to employ every means at our disposal to bring our artistic products to the public schools and the community in our area.


We will prepare presentations, do opera scenes programs, introduce artists to young people, and have age-appropriate discussions with elementary, middle, and high school students.

Our programs will connect our audiences with their own passion and self-expression, and will provide a foundation for their expansion in the future.


We want our audiences, in particular the younger members, to develop a passion for what we love and know: dance, theater, singing, and classical music.

Opera and Dance for Kids.


If you are an educator at a school and are interested in giving your students the opportunity to be part of an all-student production at your school, please contact us:

Outreach Projects from the Past

Paul Hindemith's Children's Opera WE'RE BUILDING A CITY

Highland Park High School, Students of Bartle Elementary School - December 6, 2018


WE'RE BUILDING A CITY was made possible with the generous support of a Church & Dwight Employee Giving Grant and investors Bank


Opern Air Performance for Everybody from Young to Old, Highland Park, September 15, 2018


OPERA IN THE PARK was made possible with the generous support of a Park Partners Grant.

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