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Enrique Granados' GOYESCAS

May 10 and 11, 2019, Loree Dance Theater, New Brunswick, NJ 


Watch the video of our shows in HD:

opera by Enrique Granados

GOYESCAS - Ballet based on Granados' piano suites Bocetos and Goyescas

GOYESCAS — Francisco Goya inspired a piano suite and other piano pieces as well as an opera by Spanish composer Enrique Granados.

We fell in love with the music and the concept of compositions inspired by paintings.

Francisco Goya was Enrique Granados’ favorite painter and his paintings depicting the »Majismo« were a major source of inspiration

It is fascinating to experience Granados’ GOYESCAS, independent pieces expressed in different musical forms: piano solo and orchestra and voice. Our first GOYESCAS combines pieces from Granados' piano suite opus 11 which premiered in 1911 and other works for piano, inspired by Goya. The virtuoso suite opus 11 was Granados’ break-through work, and pianists all over the world performed this very iconic work. Its rhythmic variety and expressivity inspired us to translate it into dance.

The richness of its melodies and dramaturgical material led Ernest Schelling, Granados’ friend and American pianist, to encourage Granados to also compose the opera GOYESCAS. 

The opera, based on the piano suite, evokes surprise with new musical colors and melodies (libretto by Fernando Periquet y Zuaznabar).

The opera’s story takes place in late 18th century Spain, where »Majas« (young women) and »Majos« (young men) were notorious for their brash behavior and their provocative outfits. They mostly came from the lower classes of Spanish society. Their extravagant appearance and behavior were their way of making a statement, breaking the rules, and mocking the nobility’s presumptuous etiquette.

GOYESCAS was a great success when it premiered at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City in 1916. New York Times critic Richard Aldrich wrote that the music was “profoundly felt” and possessed “an intensely national color.” 


Two different GOYESCAS through the lenses of two different artistic teams: Dance and Opera. Our production of GOYESCAS offers our audience the unique opportunity to experience these twin works from different artistic perspectives, presented in two different artistic ‘languages,’ ‘spoken’ by different artists. 


GOYESCAS is a co-production of Hub City Opera and Dance and the Dance Department of Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University.

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